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Stacey St. John

Diversify Your Income With Real Estate

Ever dreamt of a life where your earnings aren’t tied to the tick-tock of a clock? Real estate investing can be your key to that kind of freedom, and the secret weapon is diversification.

Lots of folks start with exciting, hands-on strategies like short-term rentals. As we all know, they can be real cash-flow machines. đź’°đź’°đź’°

Now, think about this: what if you could leverage that active income to build a dream team of passive investments working tirelessly in the background?

Short-term rentals are the rockstars of the real estate world. Platforms like Airbnb and VRBO make it a breeze to manage your own little getaway haven and cater to the wanderlust crowd. Done well, this strategy can be a real money-maker. I’m a living testament to that! My life has completely changed thanks to the incredible power of short-term rentals!

I would’ve never dreamed just a few short years ago that I’d have multiple beachfront properties, be helping hosts drive growth in their short-term rental profits, or be building a luxury glamping resort!

But, managing short-term rentals takes time, knowledge, and hustle. Imagine having some investments silently working their magic for you while you focus on other adventures.

The cash flow from your active ventures can be the launchpad for your passive real estate dream team.

Here are a few ideas of how to diversify your real estate portfolio and expand your crew:

  • Long-Term Rentals: These are your steady eddies, offering a consistent income stream without the daily grind. You can even hire a property management company to handle the details, freeing you up to explore new possibilities.
  • REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts): Think of these as investment bundles. REITs let you own a piece of a whole bunch of income-producing properties, without the hassle of being a direct landlord. Diversity is key, and REITs offer a great way to spread your wings.
  • Real Estate Syndications: Ever consider partnering with a crew of other investors to snag a piece of a really big, impressive property? Syndications are like investment teams where you pool resources to afford something amazing. The syndication handles the management, and you reap the rewards! By the way, this week, I’ll be launching the syndication for our luxury glamping resort…I’m so stinkin’ excited! Want more info on how to be a part of this amazing project? Be the first to know!​

The magic happens when you combine active and passive strategies. Your active income fuels your passive dream team, while your passive crew provides a safety net and frees up your time. This balanced approach helps you weather any market bumps and build long-term wealth that’s truly yours.

And did you know, this combination of active and passive investments is exactly what the amazing Avery Carl does? Check out my podcast interview with her on this very topic!


And if you’re just getting started with short-term rentals, give yourself a jumpstart by joining our free Facebook Group just for female owners. These women are inclusive, kind, and always have a helpful perspective!