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JUNE 11, 2023

#84: Connect, Empower, Transform: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Live Big Beach Retreat with Karey Hall

Join us for an engaging conversation with Karey Hall, my go-to guru for everything event planning. Karey played a pivotal role in bringing the Live Big Beach Retreat to life, an event I’m incredibly excited to share with you. In this episode, we’ll take you behind the scenes to reveal how our retreat, scheduled from August 18th to 22nd, came into existence.

We get into the nitty gritty of planning and executing retreats like this one and how they serve as powerful catalysts for personal and professional growth. You’ll learn about the magic that happens when collaboration and genuine connection come together, fostering trust, support, and a profound recognition of self-worth. We’ll explore how teamwork and authentic relationships can build an environment of encouragement and self-realization.

This episode is packed with genuine insights into the transformative potential of face-to-face retreats. You’ll hear firsthand how these events can ignite your potential and set you on a path to limitless growth.

So, why wait? Dive in with us to uncover the secrets behind creating impactful retreats and how you can benefit from them.

Want to learn more about the Live Big Beach Retreat or ready to secure your spot? Visit Live Big Beach Retreat now! Have questions? Feel free to email Karey at

Tune in now to embark on a journey toward connection, empowerment, and transformation. Together, we can make this journey unforgettable!

Highlights and Key Points:


[03:10] A short introduction about our guest Karey Hall

[04:55] Karey’s experience in planning a retreat event that brought together women who had only met online

[06:11] Karey’s in-person retreat experience that helped building deeper connections beyond the usual networking experience

[18:21]  How in-person retreats provide value and support to both individuals and their businesses

[20:31] Why you should surround yourself with smart and like-minded individuals

[26:54] How does learning alongside others in a conference setting enhance the overall educational experience

[28:00] The significance of various activities into retreats and how they help the attendees

[36:23] What value do one-on-one sessions and workshops add to a retreat experience

[44:30] The lightning round


Golden Nuggets


  • “Everyone has value, everyone’s experience is something that can be passed on. We all have stories in our past and things that we’ve been through that can help shape someone else and help them in their business, but also help them as humans.”

  • “Living big can be challenging, but it is about being committed to what you want, and going after it.”

  • “Don’t worry about tomorrow, let tomorrow worry about itself.”

  • “I need to be reminded as the planner that I don’t have to know how tomorrow is going to work out because God does. And that is a comfort to me.”



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