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JUNE 18, 2024

#85:  How Valerie Bowden is Helping Airbnb Owners Multiply Their Time (and Profits!)

Are you a real estate investor or Airbnb host struggling to find time for growth? Join us in this engaging episode with Valerie Bowden, owner of a thriving VA agency, as we explore the transformative power of Virtual Assistants (VAs).

Hear Valerie’s inspiring journey and learn how she’s helping real estate entrepreneurs and Airbnb hosts reclaim their time and achieve phenomenal growth. Discover how leveraging others’ talents can free up your schedule, expand your portfolio, and boost your profits.

Worried about managing a remote team? We’ll discuss effective communication tools and strategies to ensure smooth operations, no matter where your team is located.

Packed with practical advice and uplifting stories, this episode is your key to revolutionizing your short-term rental business like never before.

Highlights and Key Points:


[05:14] A short introduction about our guest Valerie Bowden

[06:14] Valerie shares her backpacking experience across Africa

[08:03] What inspired Valerie to put up Cradle and focus on connecting people with African talents

[11:28] The importance of trusting your gut and intuition when making major life or business decisions

[13:26] How Valerie decided to get her virtual assistant and highlights the impact to her business

[14:45] Balancing between operating outside comfort zone and within genius zone as an entrepreneur

[18:46] What tasks beyond guest management can virtual assistants handle for real estate investors

[22:32] How can real estate investors and hospitality business owners strategically leverage their time by outsourcing tasks

[24:19] Overcoming the hurdle of feeling unprepared to hire a virtual assistant

[27:26] The challenges of managing a business remotely and how Valerie navigated them

[27:48] What are the challenges to consider when hiring a virtual assistant

[33:03] The lightning round



Golden Nuggets


  • “The best decisions I’ve made have been following my gut.”

  • “There is inefficiency when you are operating outside of your genius zone. And it’s always I think this delicate balance because so often we hear what you have to operate outside of your comfort zone. And that’s how you grow. And yes, that is 100% accurate. But I think there is a misconception between the comfort zone and genius zone.”

  • “We as CEOs of our own real estate investing and hospitality businesses can be very strategic with our time and time is one of our most precious commodities, and there is a value to our time.”

  • “Don’t be afraid of the mess. It’s better just to get started. Because by the time you get them, if you wait until you’re perfect, it’s gonna take forever.”

  • “Embrace bad decisions, like embrace the failures and just learn from them.”

  • “I always encourage people to celebrate their wins, large or small. I think that’s an important part of our journeys. But I also think it’s equally important to celebrate our mistakes. Because our mistakes are where our biggest learning opportunities are. And it becomes a failure when we don’t learn from those mistakes. It actually becomes a win when we do learn from them.”

  • “Wherever you go, whether it’s like a new country, or starting a new business, or getting into real estate for the first time, just be a student and don’t think you know everything. Just be curious and learn. And that kind of attitude is what’s going to actually get you ahead in the long run.”



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