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June 25, 2024

#86: Unleashing the Supermom & Superhost Within: Insights from Kyrsten Lucia

Discover the secrets of a true mompreneur powerhouse in our latest episode. We sit down with Kyrsten Lucia, a dynamic entrepreneur who seamlessly manages multiple thriving businesses while raising two children.

Kyrsten’s impressive portfolio includes:

  • A flourishing short-term rental business
  • A successful co-hosting venture
  • A thriving daycare operation

In this podcast, we explore:

  • Kyrsten’s strategies for juggling diverse business ventures and family life
  • Innovative techniques for elevating guest experiences
  • The mindset shift that propelled her into co-hosting
  • Building a robust support network for sustainable success

Join us as Kyrsten shares her journey, offering invaluable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs and working parents alike. Learn how she embraces each day’s challenges, turning them into opportunities for growth and success.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration on how to build an empire while nurturing a family. Tune in to unlock the secrets of a true boss lady in action!


Highlights and Key Points:


[04:46] A short introduction about our guest Kyrsten Lucia

[05:44] How Kyrsten and her husband got started in short term rentals

[08:05] What were Kyrsten’s initial thoughts when her husband introduced real estate investing

[05:35] The evolution of Kyrsten’s short term rental portfolio

[09:07] What made Kyrsten decide that co-hosting will be her next step

[11:12] How Krysten balances her time as a mom, a home daycare job, and a co-hosting business

[13:33] Kyrsten’s ways of maintaining guest relationships to stand out in the competitive short-term rental market

[14:49] Kyrsten’s magazine as an innovative and impactful marketing tool

[20:11] The importance of Google Analytics to track website traffic and measure marketing effectiveness

[22:02] Enhancing the guest experience by thoughtful touches and some branded items

[23:41] Kyrsten’s biggest challenges in hosting other markets and how she overcomes them

[25:55] How Kyrsten found and sourced her great team members and how often she visits her properties

[30:36] The importance of supportive communities in strategic decision-making

[33:24] Kyrsten insights before starting a co-hosting business

[38:30] The lightning round

Golden Nuggets


  • “Do it while they’re young. So that by the time they are older, we’re having the business run itself, which I think is going to be so amazing, not only for us, but for them.”

  • “Being a part of an all women’s group, we’re constantly being heard. We’re not getting left out, we’re getting the questions that we need to get answered right away. We’re not waiting. I think that’s huge.”

  • “There are so many people that are focused on what’s the right market, like where should I be, and in my opinion, it’s, you should be where you want to be.”

  • “When you trust the process, and you know that mistakes are part of your journey. We can absolutely keep our confidence.”



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