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JULY 02, 2024

#87: From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Airbnb Design Tips with Emily Tillery

Join us as we chat with Emily Tillery, a visionary designer who transforms Airbnbs into guest-loved sanctuaries. In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Emily’s journey from artist to Airbnb design expert
  • How she creates stunning, sustainable interiors with reclaimed materials
  • What it take to craft spaces that tell a story and resonate with guests
  • What you need to do to add local flair for authentic charm
  • Practical tips to boost bookings and reviews

Uncover secrets to stand out in the competitive short-term rental market. Learn how to create eco-friendly, captivating spaces that leave lasting impressions. Ready to revolutionize your Airbnb? Listen now and transform your property into a must-stay destination.

Highlights and Key Points:


[01:49] A short introduction about our guest Emily Tillery

[05:28] The difference between designing personal homes and short-term rental properties

[07:35] Emily’s transition from the fashion industry to interior designing

[10:47] The importance of storytelling through decor to make short-term rentals stand out

[18:40] How Emily chooses artwork for short-term rentals that inspires positive emotions

[25:10] Emily’s tips to hosts on incorporating local found pieces and creatively using object art

[30:57] Emily’s practical advice on furnishing short-term rental properties

[38:19] Things to consider in selecting a designer for a short-term rentals

[40:52] The lightning round

Golden Nuggets


  • “Know your strengths.”

  • “Hide your weaknesses; I don’t mean hide, like sweep them under a rug and pretend like they don’t exist. You hide your weaknesses by surrounding yourself with people whose strengths are your weaknesses.”

  • “Try to work with someone [designer] that has hosting experience or has at least experience with designing multiple short term rentals.

  • “Sometimes it’s better to list than just wait until everything’s perfect. I know, that’s crazy. And maybe it’s a little bit different now that new listings get such a boost. But I don’t think anything is ever going to be perfect. And it’s totally a balance.”

  • “If you’re not able to compose and breathe and like, think of a professional way to respond, it’s okay to step back and not respond immediately.”



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