Learn how to launch, manage, & grow a profitable short-term rental business in any market

Finally become the Queen Bee of your life and master the STR world.

Here’s what you get:

12 jam-packed modules that teach you about planning, acquisition, operations and scaling

(valued at $10,000)

This includes:

  • Lessons, videos, and interviews to grow your knowledge 
  • My STR Success Toolkit is packed full of the spreadsheets, documents, checklists, and templates I use in my own business
  • LIVE calls every Monday with me, Stacey St John 
  • Private Facebook group to connect with fellow students

And the bonuses:

    • Free 1-year membership to the Short-Term Rental Society
    • Listing Description Swipe Files
    • Guest Operations Standard Operating Procedures Document
    • STR Marketing Fundamentals Mini-Course
    • Budget Planning For Your STR Furnishing & Decor Mini-Course from professional interior designer, Valerie Malone (plus Valerie’s Furnishing & Decor Budget Planning Worksheet, too!)

    • STR Success Accelerator Guide: Curated Answers to the Most Commonly Asked STR-Related Questions

    VALUE OF BONUSES: OVER $2,500!!!

    Feedback from STR Success Accelerator Students

    “The information on bank accounts and LLC’s…soooooo helpful”

    “This is action-planning at its best – I can break down my goals into the skills and systems I need, and the roadblocks to overcome”

    “Analyzing the market has been a real eye opener for me. It’s helped me get really dialed into my investment criteria.”

    “I’m so much more knowledgable about the lending options that are available. This opens up more possibilities.”

    “I truly believe that this course is great because now I know how to create an STR business and not just get the property and hope that everything works out.

    You’re invited to join the

    STR Success Accelerator

    The 12-module comprehensive program that you can take at your own pace, and that will set you up to answer all those questions burning your brain:

    • How do I create an action plan for my business that has the right skills and systems in place?
    • How can I overcome alllll the roadblocks?
    • What do I need to do to nail my finances?
    • How can I open up more possibilities with lending options that don’t impact my personal don’t impact my personal credit?
    • How do I get dialed into my investment criteria and know EXACTLY how to analyze a market and property

    You’ll also…

    • Know exactly how to furnish your STR
    • Become a sales and marketing BOSS
    • Fast-track your super-host status
    • Maximize your time
    • Learn the processes and procedures that will guarantee you 5-star reviews on repeat
    • Have resources to scale and grow your STR portfolio

    The STR Success Academy is based on my approach to launching, growing and scaling a short-term rental business. 

    It gives you all the templates, spreadsheets, checklists, and steps you need to make building and operating your portfolio of short-term rentals as easy, fun, and stress-free as humanly possible so that you can have more time with your VIPs, and make more money than ever before!

    “I’ve made a ton of connections because of the STR accelerator, the resources provided truly are limitless.”

    Esmeralda Alba

    Here’s how the STR Success Accelerator works:

    Modules 1&2: We PLAN!

    🔥 Skyrocket your confidence when you gain the knowledge and skills to create a vision for your business.

    🔥 Select a business model based on my super-simple 7-question guide.

    🔥 Understand how to use LLCs in your investment strategy (and learn what an LLC even is and how it works)

    🔥 Understand the different STR traveler types

    🔥 Identify your ideal guest

    Modules 3-5: Are all about ACQUISITION!

    Which market is best for your investment? I have all the As to your Qs

    Then we move through the 7-step selection process so that you get crystal clear on where to invest

    Move through the track of your choice – whether you decide to purchase, go the arbitrage route, or co-host this is what you can look forward to:

        • How to analyze a property
        • How to select the right real estate agent for you
        • How to evaluate properties even if you’re remote
        • Offer tips and strategies
        • How to analyze an arbitrage deal
        • How to reach out to landlords and what to say (including email scripts)
        • How to establish instant credibility with landlords 
        • Lease strategies
      • How to analyze a co-hosting deal
      • How to obtain co-hosting clients even if you have no experience
      • How to establish credibility as a co-host even if you’re just starting out
      • What to include in your contract


    Furnishing guides, rental agreements, partners for your business, insurance…I got you, babe.

    Modules 6-10: OPERATE like a boss!

    💫 Run your rental like a total pro so that your ratings go up and your reviews scream YOU HAVE TO STAY HERE!


    💫 Stage and furnish your spot like it belongs on the cover of Southern Living


    💫 Create a listing description that stops the scroll and pulls in the guests that are perfect for you


    💫 Build out your tech stack and automate your business


    💫Put together house rules that keep your property and your guests safe


    💫 Compile your rock star team by asking all the right questions (so you have people on your side every step of the way)

    💫Market your rental like like a BOSSlady


    💫 Put together a pricing strategy that guarantees ROI


    💫 Cleaning, turnover, maintenance, payments, cancellations, deposits, damages…know exactly what to do in every situation


    💫 Guest communications DOs and DON’Ts


    💫 Get the reviews flowing in like champagne at the Savoy


    💫 Sashay your way to SUPERHOST status

    Modules 11 & 12: SCALE SCALE SCALE!

    Honestly answer the question: Am I ready to scale?

    Analyze your portfolio’s performance so you can make data-driven decisions

    Learn how to scale your STR portfolio like the pros do

    Understand how to structure partnerships

    Grab my trackers, checklists, and templates to make scaling as easy as 1,2,3

    VALUE OF Modules 1-12 – $10,000


    Get up to $2,500 worth of bonuses!


    • Unlock my Greatness Workbook
    • Ideal Guest Avatar Activity Guide
    • Action Planning Organizer
    • Business Culture Activity Guide.pdf
    • Market Identifier & Analyzer
    • Vendor & Tech Referral Links
    • 11-Point Launch Blueprint

                LIVE calls every Monday with me, Stacey St John …so that I can answer your questions and you can learn with all the other women in the program. It’s great for networking and meeting like-minded people who are (or have been) where you are, and who can share valuable insights about their own journey

                Private Facebook group where you can meet other STR women just like you, learn from them, and enjoy a supportive community. 1-on-1 mentoring with me, Stacey St. John, during your 4 one-on-one coaching sessions so I can answer your questions and help you squeeze all the juice out of this Accelerator!

                PLUS THE BONUSES, BABY…

                Free 1-year membership to the Short-Term Rental Society. This global organization represents all components of the short-term rental industry. Connect with, be inspired by, and boost your STR knowledge with the best minds in the business. Plus its SO MUCH FUN

                Listing Description Swipe Files: A compilation of 5 professionally-written listing descriptions in a mad-lib style. These swipe files are written to attract different traveller types. Simply plug in the appropriate information and descriptors about your property, and you’re one step closer to attracting your ideal guests without having to worry about what to say.

                STR Marketing Fundamentals Mini-Course:

                A mini-course covering the fundamentals and best practices of marketing and how they apply to your short-term rental business. By the end of this mini-course, you’ll understand:

                • The 4 Ps of marketing
                • Your ideal guest’s online journey before booking
                • How to strategize and plan your marketing activities
                • How to track the results of your online marketing

                Guest Operations Standard Operating Procedures Document:

                The exact processes, procedures, and step-by-step instructions I use for my team. Includes:

                • Protocols for accepting or declining a reservation request
                • Cancellation policies
                • Process for collecting and releasing security deposits
                • Process for issue resolution during a stay
                • Discounting policies
                • Process for issuing price adjustments
                • Process for issuing refunds
                • Process for early check-ins and/or late check-outs
                • Process for rule infractions
                • Process for when damages occur
                • How to file a damage protection claim with OwnerRez
                • How to file an AirCover request
                • Procedures to follow when items are missing after a guest visit
                • Strategic timing for when to review guests
                • Guest review script examples
                • Procedures for if we receive a 3 or 4 star review
                • Process for creating maintenance work orders
                • And more!

                Budget Planning For Your STR Furnishing & Decor Mini-Course:

                Want to design and decorate your short-term rental so it attracts your ideal guests, earns you higher nightly rates, and makes you more money BUT doesn’t want to overspend? This mini-course is for you! Expert STR Interior Designer, Valerie Malone, teaches you:

                • The happy medium for planning your furnishing & decor budget
                • Where to spend and where to save
                • Top tips to stay under budget every time

                Plus, you’ll get Valerie’s Furnishing & Decor Budget Planning Worksheet, too!

                STR Success Accelerator Guide: Curated Answers to the Most Commonly Asked STR-Related Questions

                In this guide, you get answers to 10 of the most frequently asked questions from the 30,000 women inside my Facebook group. And it’s not just me providing answers – you’ll hear a variety of answers, thoughts, and opinions from women around the world. Knowledge is power, and this STR Success Accelerator Guide leverages the braintrust of different women with different experiences and different perspectives. Why reinvent the wheel when you don’t have to? 

                VALUE OF BONUSES – OVER $2,500

                “Stacey, your operations checklists and forms are GOLDEN!”

                – Tonya Harding

                Hey, I’m Stacey!

                And I am so excited that you’re here, I can hardly stand it.

                It’s my mission to help women worldwide to turn their short-term rental dreams into reality while living a life they love.

                And, if you let me, I’m going to help you turn your goals into reality without having to sacrifice your family, your free time, or your sanity!

                If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or you simply don’t know what you don’t know, I’m going to help you move your STR dreams forwards, upwards, and beyond anything you can imagine!

                If you’re a woman who is…


                …on a mission to build a dream business that you love, so that you can live a life of total freedom…


                …dreaming of working a few hours a week from anywhere in the world…


                …ready to take back her power and invest into a beautiful short-term rental that’s 5-star-worthy and oh-so-stylish…


                …excited about building a short-term rental portfolio but is unclear on the nitty gritties of how it’s ACTUALLY done…

                …so, so tired of working a W2, getting up at 5am, and running like a headless chicken all day for everyone else except herself…

                Then, HELLO! I can’t wait to meet you!

                GOT QUESTIONS? HIT ME!

                But, how much will this cost me, Stacey?

                Lady, you get access to the STR Success Accelerator for $2,997. 

                But, how much time will it take, Stacey?

                If you want to sit down and work through this lessons at pace, it’ll take you 12 weeks. I don’t recommend you do it in less time, because you’ll need to do exercises, and worksheets, and get involved in the weekly calls to get the most out of it. 

                If you really want to take your time and go through the nuances of the program (and your potential), learning slowly but surely, so that your STR success is guaranteed, you can take a year to complete this program.

                But, Stacey…can’t I learn all this somewhere else?

                Of course, you can.

                The internet and Facebook are great for getting a general picture – but this STR Success Accelerator is tailored and focused to help you launch and grow your STR business in a way that’s right for you.

                Let’s find the market and analyze the property that’s perfect for your life. Because that’s actually what really matters here – that’s how we lay a foundation upon which we build success.

                Stacey, I’m just starting out in this crazy STR world. I don’t even have a rental yet. Is this right for me?

                Well, hi, you are perfect for this! This is where you learn. This is where you grow. This is where we take you from ‘I don’t know how to do this’ to ‘Oh, hell YES, I’ve got this!

                But, seriously. I see you. I’ve been you. And I know how to get you from where you are now to where I am now – with a continuously growing portfolio of properties and a business that I love

                This isn’t pie in the sky – this is data, numbers, and a plan. And that’s how real businesses flourish.

                Finally become the Queen Bee of your life and master the STR world.