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Stacey St. John

Analysis paralysis hates the Fundamentals.

What if, this year, you made a clean break from the overwhelm, and actually start achieving financial freedom through Airbnb…

Yes Please!

Ready to see your short term rental booked out?

To the ambitious short term rental (STR) beginner who’s feeling the pressure to learn as much as you can in 0.2387 seconds…waking up at 4 am to check the latest houses on the market…constantly hopping onto Airbnb to see if you got any bookings…or just trying to figure out how to get enough money together for a downpayment…all while working a day job, running a home and looking after the kids, dogs, cats, [insert responsibility here]…

What if, this year, you made a clean break from the overwhelm, and actually made this happen…step, by step, by step?

If you start now, with a framework that touches every aspect of your short-term rental dream…within four weeks you’d have turned that dream into the beginnings of a business.

Here’s why an understanding of the essentials is your best bet…

Because it’s not a bet at all!

See, there’s a number one reason why Short-Term Rentals fail:

Your STR is not a hobby.

Success doesn’t happen, ever, unless you treat your Short-Term Rental like a business.

The idea of taking the leap from your 9-5…

And landing inside your new property, surrounded by the decor you’ve hand-picked, feeling as relaxed as anything because you’re only working eight hours a week, while you breathe a sigh of deep gratitude knowing inside your soul that you’ve finally left behind the constant search, the anxiety, the fear of living paycheck to paycheck (you’ll never have to rely on anyone else for money ever again), and – can you hear it – your phone pinging with booking after booking after booking…

Yeah. That success doesn’t happen overnight.

The REALITY of the Short-Term Rental industry is that you build out your dream over time… taking one step after the next, each step grounded in confidence because you have the knowledge to make careful deliberation and decision-making – and a guide who’s done it all before.

So, while other short-term rental dreamers hustle away and chase success in all the wrong places, you can build a four-pillar framework – and within one month have an investment plan, a solid understanding of what your guests want (and will pay you handsomely for), a real grounding in marketing, and an absolute feeling of ‘Yes, I got this’ when thinking about your dream as your new business.

Here’s how you’ll kickstart your momentum in just four weeks, and develop the skills to maintain it, month after month after month

(You are totally capable of this…)



Short-Term Rental FUNdamentals


Learn how to build & grow a profitable short-term rental business.

WEEK 1: Real Estate Investing FUNdamentals

  • ACQUISITION: Strategies for sourcing the best deals
  • ANALYSIS: How to run numbers and analyze a property
  • FINANCING: Ways to fund your short-term rental through traditional & creative methods

WEEK 2: Hospitality FUNdamentals

  • EXPERIENCE: How to deliver a 5-star guest experience
  • COMMUNICATIONS: Strategies for setting & managing guest expectations
  • OPERATIONS: Building & managing a rock-star team

WEEK 3: Marketing FUNdamentals

  • TARGETING: How to create spaces for our ideal guests and listings that convert them
  • DIRECT BOOKINGS: Ways to increase control over your revenues through direct bookings
  • DATA: What key performance metrics to track & how to analyze them

WEEK 4: Business FUNdamentals

  • MINDSET: Creating and living the life of your dreams as an entrepreneur
  • PROTECTION: How to protect your assets and income
  • OPTIMIZATION: Strategies to drive continuous improvement & revenue growth



“This is a great course for anyone starting out Short Term Rentals (awesome info was provided!)”

“Love your energy and the amount of info you share; for newbies, this is something I definitely recommend!”

“I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and be available in the future for questions. It’s always great to build relationships with subject matter experts!”

Can you REALLY build wealth through short-term rentals WHILE living the life of your dreams?

Yep, I’m living proof of it!

Hi, I’m Stacey!

It’s my mission to help women worldwide to turn their real estate dreams into reality and start living a life they love.

I fell into the real estate investment game by accident. What I didn’t know was that my life would change forever with that one property purchase.

Fast forward to today, and I have a 7-figure investment portfolio and I was able to successfully pivot my investing approach when the global pandemic hit.

And if you let me… I’m going to help you turn your goals into reality without having to sacrifice your family, your free time, or your sanity!


Dreaming of building wealth through short-term rentals while living your best life at the same time? Join me, and I’ll show you how in just 4 weeks!



You will…


Gain access to video lessons, checklists, and action plans the second you sign up.


You’ll be learning what other women are learning about the industry all over the world.


Expand your knowledge & unlock your potential with all the tools you need at your fingertips

You’re ready to become a businesswoman who is kicking ass and taking names, as you slay on Airbnb, VRBO, your own direct booking website (hell, ALL the places), while you cash in on the $$$s and the ***** reviews, and build your portfolio like it’s nobody’s business (but yours!), if…

🔥 You’re just getting started with your STR efforts and you want to do it right the first time…

🔥 You’ve been trying to get your listing off the ground for months (years?) but you just haven’t been able to nail regular bookings, and when you DO book guests it’s because you’re offering low, low prices and that’s making you feel pretty damn low yourself…

🔥 You can see your dream life in front of your eyes. You’re on the path. You’re doing this thing with every fiber of your being. And you need a little bit of support on your way…

🔥 You’re a dedicated SUPERSTAR who is ready to put in the work and create a game plan that will take you from “Huh?” to “Aha!” in the time it takes to make and drink a (really hot) cup of coffee. (You also know that every second you invest in a strategic and meaningful step forward in owning a profitable and ever-growing portfolio)…

🔥 You’re already investing time and energy – listening to podcasts, asking questions and having conversations in Facebook groups, taking notes, reading books, listening to audiobooks. The only problem is…you don’t have a strategy tying it all together. So, you keep thinking… “Why do I bother?” And the overwhelm kicks back in…

🔥 You’ve decided that THIS is going to be THE year you start living the life you’ve dreamed of…instead of just dreaming about it for another 12 months…

🔥 You’re excited about short-term rentals and you’re excited to invest in yourself, like, yesterday!

🔥 You’re flipping OUT about the idea of learning from smart women who know the STR space. Even if you’ve been let down before, you’re feeling a new wave of optimism, your blood is bubbling in your veins, and you know that by the end of January you’ll be plugged into an easy-to-follow and super-effective plan for catalyzing your STR growth and compounding your wins every single day.

If you said YES to at least five of the above…lady, get on this train. I’m waiting for you!

And here’s a sneaky little bonus!

When you invest in the STR FUNdamentals, you get access to the Short-Term Rental Virtual Summit for FREE. 

This summit, held in early 2022, was a four-day knowledge-breeding, network-building event in which the top experts in the STR space shared value beyond anything I’ve ever seen before.

Access all the lessons at no extra cost, when you buy the STR Fundamentals.

Don’t Miss The One-of-a-Kind Opportunity!

Let’s face it… you only start once.

And, starting alone means you risk making mistakes that can cost you tons of time and thousands of dollars

Plus, the feeling of “Holy smokes, I have no idea what I’m going!” isn’t fun either…

Instead, you can join me for a FUN 4-week educational adventure where you’ll:

→ Learn key fundamentals to success in short-term rentals

→ Connect with deep learnings and lessons that work – because I use them

→ Grow into a profit-producing short-term rental investor who has the tools they need

And you can do this for just $497!