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Stacey St. John



Visionary real estate and “Airbnb” entrepreneur. Reshaping the short-term rental industry for women.

Stacey St. John is a visionary real estate entrepreneur who is reshaping the short-term rental industry for women on Airbnb. She founded the Female Short-Term Rental Investors Facebook Group, The STR Sisterhood, and The Short-Term Rental Virtual Summit for Women.

She is also the creator of the STR Success Accelerator, the #1 training, mentoring and mastermind program for women in the short-term rental industry.

Stacey began her short-term rental journey on Airbnb in 2020; she quickly realized the industry’s potential and the opportunity to empower women through real estate investing to help them create successful, profitable “Airbnb businesses.” She has since built a 7-figure portfolio and left her corporate career to focus on her mission.

Stacey is passionate about helping women achieve financial independence and empowerment. Her initiatives provide a wealth of resources and support for women in the industry, from education and networking to hands-on guidance and mentorship.

Stacey is a strong advocate for women in business and is committed to creating a more equitable and inclusive industry. She is a frequent speaker at short-term rental and Airbnb industry events and is a regular contributor to industry publications.

In addition to her professional achievements, Stacey is a wife, mother, and an accomplished a cappella singer. She is passionate about spending time with her family and giving back to her community.

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Stacey St. John is an accomplished figure in Myrtle Beach condo investment, boasting a significant real estate presence and a vibrant community for Female Real Estate Investors. With ownership of numerous beachfront properties, particularly focusing on condos, she shares insights with Avery about her short-term rental business strategy, the advantages of smaller units, and her choice of the Myrtle Beach market for its unique benefits, addressing challenges like condo renting intricacies and managing substantial down payments.

In this conversation, Michael Sjogren and Stacey discuss her journey into real estate, delving into initial struggles, pivotal lessons, and ultimate successes. Stacey shares insights into the strategies that propelled her real estate career forward, emphasizing the significance of adaptability and a strong support network. Their dialogue touches upon her passion for community building, her approach to property management, and the exciting prospects he envisions for the future of real estate investment.

Sarah and Annette chat with Stacey St. John about her journey into the real estate world. Stacey is a determined entrepreneur, who inadvertently entered the real estate world while working for a consulting firm. Witnessing the potential for wealth through real estate, she transitioned to a seven-figure portfolio, adapted her strategy during the pandemic, and achieved remarkable results with short-term rentals. Now, she’s fervently committed to empowering women to achieve real estate success without compromising family, time, or well-being, fostering community and knowledge-sharing within the short-term rental industry.

In this installment of “Three Things You Should Know” Jeff Chisum interviews Stacey St John from Female STR Investors. Stacey is an STR Owner, STR Property Manager and Coach. She shares the 3 most important things to have in an STR property.

AirDNA sat down with STR owner and educator Stacey St. John to discuss how she found her passion for renovating, owning, and operating short-term rentals. She discusses how she loves to do this, and when you love doing something, it never feels like you are working. Listening along to find out how she got started and where she plans on going.

The Accommodation Show, hosted by the engaging Bart Sobies, dives into an insightful conversation with top-notch industry expert Stacey St. John.

On The Fearless Investor, Kyle Stanley talks about powerful tips, tricks, and practices from expert investor Stacey St. John on how to get started and create financial freedom with real estate investing. 

In this episode, Stacey shares her inspiring transition from long-term real estate to short-term rentals amidst the challenges of COVID-19. She unveils the strategic decisions behind this shift, emphasizing the importance of data-driven strategies and a deep understanding of real estate fundamentals for effective wealth building in the vacation rental industry.

It was a delight to welcome Stacey to the Hassle Free RE podcast, where she shared her accidental entry into real estate and her journey from flips to long-term rentals before embracing her passion for short-term rentals. What sets Stacey apart is her success managing properties remotely, driven by her dedication to creating a self-sustaining business that granted her the freedom to transition from her W2 job to a life on her own terms.

Wealth Wisdom Financial talks with industry leader Stacey St. John on how to replace corporate income in just 2 years!

Stacey St. John was listed by PriceLabs as one of the leading real estate experts to watch out for in 2023.

Stacey St. John was listed by Logify as one of the inspiring women to follow in the multi-billion dollar vacation rental industry.

The IHM editorial team [George Sell, editor-in-chief; Paul Stevens, editor, ShortTermRentalz; Eloise Hanson, editor, Boutique Hotel News; Felicity Cousins, assistant editor, Serviced Apartment News; and Isha Borkar, multimedia reporter] select Stacey St. John as 1 of the 22 inspirational female leaders in hospitality and real estate.

Stacey’s podcast The STR Sisterhood was labelled as one of the best Short Term Rental podcasts from thousands of podcasts on the web. Ranked by traffic, social media followers & freshness.

Stacey is notably mentioned for her role in the industry in helping women step into the limelight and how she is inspiring them to become leaders.

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