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Stacey St. John

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If you’re an ambitious woman who’s looking to have a 5-star STR business on your hands without having to sacrifice the things you love, then tune in today for all the goodness!

Welcome to the STR Sisterhood

Whether you’re brand new to Airbnb or an experienced Superhost, you’re giving yourself the gift of financial freedom and FUN when you’re in the short-term rental space. On this show, it’s all about you and your short-term rental journey. You’ll hear actionable advice from industry experts as well as stories from real women about their experiences, achievements, frustrations, and challenges…and how they’ve managed to turn their short-term rental business dreams into reality.

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Stacey St. John

“It’s my mission to help women worldwide to turn their real estate dreams into reality and start living a life they love.”

If you let her, Stacey is going to help you turn your short-term rental goals into reality without having to sacrifice your family, your free time, or your sanity!

In a nutshell: Wherever you are in your journey…whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, whether you’re stuck, or whether you’re simply looking to scale your already-successful short-term rental business, Stacey will help you move your STR dreams forward, upwards, and beyond anything you can imagine!