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MARCH 28, 2023

#21:  Leveraging AirDNA to Maximize Your Success in The STR Industry with Jamie Saine 

Are you ready to get the edge on your competition with data-driven insights?

If you’re in the short-term rental industry—and if you’re reading this, I’m going to assume that you are—then you know how important it is to be able to analyze your market and your properties. 

AirDNA provides everything you need for this analysis. It’s a powerful platform that offers data-driven insights for short-term rental properties worldwide. With its help, you can make informed decisions when analyzing a market or property—and capture valuable information on pricing, occupancy rates, and more. By leveraging AirDNA, you can track performance, optimize your strategy, and stay ahead of the competition to maximize your success in the STR industry.

In today’s episode, I have the pleasure of sitting down with Jaime Saine, a short-term rental investor and the Product Marketing Director at AirDNA.

In this episode, Jaime discusses the source of AirDNA data; how to connect your Airbnb listings to AirDNA; and how to build a comp set so that you can analyze your short-term rental competition!

Highlights and Key Points:


[05:57] How to get started with AirDNA 

[10:24] Is there a cap on the number of times you can utilize the AirDNA Rentalizer tool?

[11:03] Where does the AirDNA data come from?

[13:19] Are cleaning fees included in the rental projections from the AirDNA Rentalizer tool?

[14:45] Why there is a difference between AirDNA data and data from other  tools 

[17:35] The benefits of connecting your Airbnb listings to AirDNA

[21:05] Are there charges for connecting your listings to AirDNA?

[22:31] How to build a comp set to analyze your short-term rental competition

 [25:55] Which AirDNA tool does Jaime Saine find most impactful for anyone in the STR business?



Data is a tool in our toolbox. It’s a resource for us to make strategic decisions about our business.”- Jamie Saine.



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