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JULY 04, 2023

#35: From Restauranteur to Real Estate Investor with Ashley Arthur

In this episode, we delve into the fascinating journey of Ashley Arthur, an STR Sister who made a remarkable transition from the restaurant industry to become a successful short-term rental investor. Join us as we explore Ashley’s unique story and uncover how her leadership skills from running a restaurant business seamlessly translated into her flourishing “Airbnb biz.”

During our conversation, Ashley generously shares her experience of working alongside her spouse in this venture and the transformative power of operating within your zone of genius.

She reveals the process of identifying her genius zone and how it played a pivotal role in elevating her short-term rental business to new heights. Furthermore, Ashley emphasizes the importance of strategic delegation, allowing her to free up valuable time and focus on operating within her area of expertise.

Highlights and Key Points:


[02:36] Know our guest; Ashley Arthur, and know where she is located

[03:14] Her current STR portfolio

[04:00] How she got into the short-term rental space

[08:01] The leadership skills Ashley learnt from her successful restaurant business and how they have translated into STR effectively

[09:54] Why she decided to sell her restaurant and venture into real estate

[12:24] Ashley’s experience running a business with her spouse

[14:08] The benefits of operating in your zone of genius

[15:58] How did Ashley discover her genius zone?

[17:24] The File person vs Pile person

[18:48] The biggest challenge she encountered during the property rehab process and how she navigated it

[21:13] How is Ashley financing her properties?

[25:21 Why she is considering self-managing her properties

[29:22] What’s next in Ashley’s journey?

Golden Nuggets


  • Delegating frees you up to operate in your genius zone

  • “Time is our most valuable asset.”

  • It’s essential that we celebrate the small wins along the way because a bunch of small wins adds up to a big win over time



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