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JULY 25, 2023

#38: Exploring the Mid-Term Rental Strategy with Vivian Yip & Regan Sonnabend

In this episode, I have the pleasure of welcoming two incredible guests, Vivian Yip and Regan Sonnabend, who share some game-changing insights on the mid-term rental strategy — a powerful wealth-building opportunity you won’t want to miss!

You’ll get a glimpse into their remarkable journey and how they’ve built an incredibly successful mid-term rental business, The Hestia Brand – Corporate Rentals USA, which is bound to inspire and motivate you.

Not sure if mid-term rentals are right for you? Don’t worry! Vivian and Regan also provide their expert advice on positioning a property as a short-term rental, mid-term rental, or long-term rental, so you can make an informed decision that suits your goals and preferences.

Tune in and enjoy!

Highlights and Key Points:

[02:34] Get to know our guests; Vivian Yip & Regan Sonnabend

[05:03] How Vivian & Regan met, and the business they share

[06:03] How The Hestia Brand- Corporate Rentals USA evolved

[08:55] The housing request process

[10:12] Why the mid-term rental strategy is a good solid wealth-building strategy

[13:46] How to effectively analyze a mid-term rental

[16:51] Analyzing price and occupancy trends for the mid-term rentals using the PriceLabs market dashboard

[18:40] Saturation in the mid-term rental space

[21:16] The source of the housing requests for The Hestia Brand- Corporate Rentals USA

[23:23] What are the requirements for a property owner to join the HESTIA family?

[25:54] Challenges in the mid-term rental space and how to navigate them

[28:37] Their advice to a property owner who is unsure whether to position a property as a short-term rental, mid-term rental, or long-term rental


Golden Nuggets


  • Mid-term rentals should be located close to hospitals, highways, and major employers.

  • “Quality creates loyalty.”

  • “The secret to doing well in mid-term rentals is having an open extended calendar.”



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