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AUGUST 15, 2023

#41: Defying the Odds: Conquering Cancer & Thriving in Short-Term Rentals with Lori Shaw

Welcome to an episode that promises to uplift and inspire, featuring none other than Lori Shaw, a fellow STR sister and the visionary behind Lori Shaw Interiors. Join us for a heartfelt conversation as we delve into Lori’s remarkable journey, marked by both resilience and triumph.

In this candid exchange, Lori opens up about the unique path she navigated, one that intertwined a breast cancer diagnosis with her venture into the world of short-term rentals. Her story unfolds as a testament to her unwavering strength and determination, defying odds and challenges along the way.

As we listen to Lori’s insights, we discover the steadfast mindset that carried her through the darkest moments. Her wisdom provides a guiding light for those facing life’s unpredictable twists. During our conversation, we also explore the strategies Lori adopted to manage stress, emphasizing the transformative power of maintaining a positive outlook. Her words echo a universal truth: “Mindset plays a huge role in everything.”

Folded into Lori’s story, we encounter a unique blend of resilience, ingenuity, and contagious positivity. Her journey becomes a source of hope and inspiration, resonating deeply with those who are navigating their own challenges. Lori Shaw exemplifies the strength that can be found within us when we embrace life’s complexities with grace and determination, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to interview her.

Highlights and Key Points:


[02:20] Meet our guest; Lori Shaw

[02:49] How she entered into the short-term rental space

[04:20] How Lori got diagnosed with breast cancer

[11:47] What helped Lori navigate through her cancer diagnosis while starting in short-term rentals?

[17:57] How she furnished her short-term rental

[19:51] What led Lori to become a short-term rental-specific designer?

[24:44] The transition process into the short-term rental design business

[28:23] Her favorite strategies for relieving stress

[31:57] What Lori has learned through her journey

Golden Nuggets


  • “Mindset plays a huge role in everything.”

  • “Having a positive frame of mind is critical to anything you want to achieve.”

  • “It doesn’t feel like work when you love it.”



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