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MARCH 21, 2023

#43:  Thriving Together: Secrets to Building an STR Empire with Your Spouse, Revealed by Brianne Hamilton

In this episode, I got to sit down with the delightful Brianne Hamilton, who’s not just the co-founder of Junction House Getaways & Junction House Properties but also a fountain of wisdom! What’s special about her story? She’s rocking the short-term rental (STR) world with her other half. Yes, you heard right, she’s in business with her spouse!

Brianne and her hubby didn’t just stumble into success; they danced into it with some pretty clever strategies. One of the golden nuggets they’ve shared is the magic of knowing each other’s strengths and setting clear roles. Imagine knowing what you’re good at and then doing just that, while your partner does the same! It’s like finding that perfect dance rhythm where both of you are in sync, leading to a beautiful performance.

But, it’s not all sunshine and roses. Every couple in business has faced the ‘Oops, was that a dinner chat or a business meeting?’ moment. Brianne’s simple yet brilliant trick? Using shared notes on their iPhones to clearly differentiate between ‘Honey, can you pass the salt?’ and ‘Let’s invest in property X.’ 

If you and your partner are thinking of diving into the exciting world of STR or just curious about how love and business mix, this episode is a must-listen. Packed with warm, real-life advice, Brianne’s story might just be the inspiration you’re looking for! 🌟👫🏠

Sending you all love and positivity!

Highlights and Key Points:


[02:28] Introducing today’s guest, Brianne Hamilton

[02:53] How Brianne got into the STR space

[06:26] Brianne’s experience running her short-term rental business with her spouse

[10:48] How they determine roles and responsibilities in their STR business

[14:36] How do they separate short-term rental conversations from family conversations?

[18:38] How Brianne and her husband navigate the challenge of having different opinions about business

[22:11] How to ensure that you are accelerating at the same pace as your spouse in business

[26:07] Distinguishing between family and business conversations

[26:49] Tip on how to utilize the shared notes on iPhone to distinguish between family and business conversations

[29:44] Advice for anyone considering working with their spouse in the STR business

[31:06] The lightning round

[38:05] Best way to connect and learn more from Brianne Hamilton

Golden Nuggets


  • To ensure that you are accelerating at the same pace as your spouse in business, focus on tasks that align with your individual strengths.

  • To accelerate your growth in the short-term rental industry, don’t depend solely on a single tool or platform.



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