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SEPTEMBER 05 21, 2023

#44: Mastering Mid-Term Rentals: Expert Insights from Mel Volland

Join us for a candid chat with Mel Volland, a mid-term rental expert, as she spills the tea on how to succeed in this lucrative market.

Mel will share her insights on:

  • Choosing the right location: Where are the hottest mid-term rental markets? What factors should you consider when selecting a property?
  • Managing your expenses: What are the hidden costs of mid-term rentals? How can you minimize your overhead?
  • Designing your property: How to create a space that will appeal to mid-term renters and boost your occupancy rates.
  • Acquiring clients: How to market your mid-term rentals and attract high-paying tenants.
  • Analyzing and leasing properties: Mel will demystify the complex process of analyzing mid-term rental properties and drafting lease agreements.

Whether you’re a seasoned real estate investor or just getting started, this episode is packed with actionable advice that will help you take your mid-term rental business to the next level.

So what are you waiting for? Tune in now and learn how to make bank with Airbnb mid-term rentals!

Highlights and Key Points:

[02:20] A short bio of our guest; Mel Volland

[03:33] What prompted Mel to shift from short-term to mid-term rentals?

[07:12] Reasons why she loves the mid-term rental strategy

[08:23] Factors to consider when choosing a location for mid-term rental

[10:32] Operating expenses for the mid-term rentals

[14:11] Start-up supplies for mid-term rentals

[17:19] The cleaning requirements

[20:09] Mid-term rental property maintenance

[21:49] Analyzing a mid-term rental property

[27:55] Tips on the best ways to get guests for your mid-term rental

[31:41] The difference between co-hosting a short-term rental and mid-term rental

[34:16] The components of a mid-term rental lease agreement

[36:50] Mel’s advice to anyone who would want to venture into mid-term rental space


Golden Nuggets


  • Like short-term rentals, midterm rentals are also experiencing saturation, and design plays a significant role in making your property stand out, thereby ensuring an increase in your occupancy rate.

  • Network with other investors and agents to encourage them to send you guests.

  • To succeed in midterm rentals, you must shift from the mindset that this is a passive endeavor and instead focus on how you can operate your business to acquire clients.

  • Action breeds action. ~Mel Volland

Resources mentioned


  1. Furnished Finder:
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