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September 12, 2023

#45: Break Free from Airbnb: Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket Direct Bookings with Sarah Orchard

I recently had a chat with the delightful Sarah Orchard. Once the brains behind big corporate marketing campaigns, Sarah’s now sprinkling her magic in the Airbnb and short-term rental universe. 

Ever find yourself sipping your morning coffee and thinking, “Why aren’t travelers discovering my Airbnb space as much as they should?” Don’t fret! Sarah and I go treasure hunting, unearthing those sneaky marketing missteps that might be hiding in plain sight.

Together, we’ll weave through the maze of marketing versus advertising (yes, there’s a difference!), paint the picture of an irresistible website, tap into the magic of those golden Google reviews, and demystify the world of SEO. And oh, we have so much more to explore!

Ever dreamt of your property becoming the talk of the town? We’ll chat about which social media platforms are your best friends in the short-term rental scene. And, Sarah’s spilling the beans on building a fabulous email list. Believe me, it’s the fairy godmother of boosting your bookings!

So, grab your favorite cup of coffee and journey with us. Let’s elevate your Airbnb game with all the heartwarming wisdom Sarah’s got up her sleeve! Hit play and enjoy!

Highlights and Key Points:

[03:19] Know our guest; Sarah Orchard

[03:58] How Sarah got into the world of short-term rental and acquired

The Hudnalls Hideout: A Luxury Treehouse

[07:32] How Sarah’s marketing role in the corporate world helped her in her STR life

[10:04] The 7-step marketing system (The Customer D.E.L.I.G.H.T Marketing Blueprint®)

[12:49] The difference between marketing and advertising

[14:32] The importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and having a website for anyone looking to maximize direct bookings in their business

[16:39] What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

[18:34] How to update your meta title & meta description

[21:30] The Importance of Google reviews for your business

[22:44] How much emphasis should you place on proactively marketing your property on an

[26:42] Optimal social media platforms to incorporate into your marketing strategy continuously

[30:01] Tips on how to build your email list

[32:47] Mistakes people make when building direct bookings

[35:49] The secret to boosting your direct bookings quickly


Golden Nuggets


  • Advertising and marketing are different; advertising is just one of the tactics you have access to as part of your overall marketing strategy.

  • Google reviews increase your online exposure and improve your page rankings. The more the reviews, the better.

  • “Marketing is like a tap; you can’t just turn it on and expect the results. You have to keep it dripping so that it fills the bucket.”



Yoast SEO plugin;



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