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Stacey St. John

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DECEMBER 12, 2023

#58: From Fear to Fortune: Esmeralda Alba’s Remarkable Story

Get ready to be inspired because we’ve got the incredible Esmeralda Alba in the spotlight today! 🎙️✨ This is not your typical Airbnb success story; it’s a journey filled with heart, resilience, and a dash of magic.

Esmeralda, now the rockstar owner of 9 short-term rentals, is proof that dreams do come true. And let me tell you, her path to success was a rollercoaster of epic proportions! 🎢 Coming from immigrant parents, she’s giving us a sneak peek into her life – the real, unfiltered version.

In our heart-to-heart chat, Esmeralda spills the beans on the challenges she and her hubby faced, from scraping by in the early days to powering through years of uncertainty. Fast forward to today, and they’re not just proud business owners; they’re rocking the real estate game!

We’re not holding back in this convo, my friends. We’re diving deep into Esmeralda’s journey, exploring how she kicked fear to the curb, tackled the tough times, and turned her life into something straight out of a success novel.

If you’re all about stories that give you the warm fuzzies, stories of beating the odds, and stories that show the incredible possibilities in the Airbnb world, you don’t want to miss this one.

Hit that play button and let the inspiration flow! 🚀🎧✨

Highlights and Key Points:


[01:44] Introduction to the show

[03:54] Esmeralda’s life before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey

[05:11] A backstory of Esmeralda’s husband as an illegal immigrant in the US

[14:56] What prompted them to start a window cleaning business?

[17:08] How they shared the responsibilities in their window cleaning business

[19:11] The pivotal moment that changed their life

[22:59] How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect their window-cleaning business

[27:00] How she got into the world of short-term rentals

[30:38] What did she learn from the window cleaning business that helped her in the STR business?

[34:21] Esmeralda’s advice on how to cultivate an abundance mindset

[37:24] Esmeralda’s short-term rental portfolio

[40:32] The Lightning Round

Golden Nuggets


  • We are continually learning each day. If we strive to help one another, put our best foot forward, and pay it forward, the world can become a better place.

  • Having an abundance mindset is a learned skill

  • “If you want something to occur in your life, you have to put it out there into the universe.”

  • “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

  • “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.



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