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DECEMBER 19, 2023

#59:From Amish Country Gem to Superhost Superhero with Rose Tipka

Ever dreamt of turning your passion for hospitality into a thriving Airbnb empire? Buckle up, friends, because this episode introduces you to Rose Tipka, the mastermind behind “Your Family’s Place,” a short-term rental oasis nestled in the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country. Prepare to be inspired by Rose’s wild ride from mom-of-six to superhost extraordinaire, juggling homeschooling and building a rental business that’s turning heads (and snagging media spotlights!).

Think you can’t host massive families or welcome furry friends with open arms in your Airbnb? Think again! Rose is spilling the beans on her secrets to accommodating big groups and becoming the ultimate pet-friendly haven. Get ready for insider tips, heartwarming tales, and enough friendly vibes to fill a farmhouse.

Website design that wows, media attention that explodes, and the magic of managing it all with six kiddos in tow? Rose is revealing her superpowers, one hosting hack at a time. Whether you’re an Airbnb aficionado or a short-term rental newbie, this episode is your golden ticket to success.

So grab your favorite mug, curl up, and prepare to be swept away by Rose’s infectious enthusiasm and actionable advice. This episode is more than just a story; it’s a roadmap to unlocking your own short-term rental magic. Get ready to laugh, learn, and be amazed – Rose’s journey is proof that with a little grit, creativity, and a whole lot of heart, anything is possible in the world of Airbnb!

Highlights and Key Points:


[04:06] Who is Rose Tipka, and where is she located?

[10:39] How Rose and her husband ventured into the realm of short-term rentals

[15:06] Her upcoming book, which will be part of the ‘Hospitable Hosts’ book series

[18:36] What prompted them to focus on big home vacation rentals?

[22:54] Key essentials for accommodating large families in your vacation rentals

[26:02] Tips on how to become a great pet-friendly host

[27:03] How they navigate running their STR business while homeschooling their kids

[29:41] Rose’s unique website design:

[31:10] How she gained media interest in her properties

Golden Nuggets


  • “The real goldmine in vacation rentals is the repeat guests.”

  • “If you don’t have your website, you don’t have your business.”

  • The only way to get what you want is to ask for exactly what you want; that’s how you get it.

  • “The days are long, but the years are short.”

Resources Mentioned


1. The Book Direct Playbook:



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