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DECEMBER 26, 2023

#60: Boost Airbnb Bookings 3x Faster: Google + Blogging Secrets with Jenn Boyles

Tired of Airbnb fees feasting on your short-term rental profits? Don’t settle for crumbs, sister! This juicy episode with Jenn Boyles is your map to direct booking bliss.

Forget the jungle of platforms, it’s time to build your own palace! We’ll show you how to:

  • Turn Google into your royal paparazzi, showering your listings with love (and leads!).
  • Whip up blog content so sizzling, guests hit “book” faster than you can say “cha-ching!” (Keyword research? We got you, queen!)
  • Unleash the collab magic! Discover how to find the perfect influencer partners, build win-win partnerships, and watch your bookings skyrocket like nobody’s business.

This episode is your crown jewels: packed with practical tips and tricks to send the OTAs packing and crown you the queen of direct bookings!

Highlights and Key Points:


[02:59] Get to know our guest, Jenn Boyles

[03:39] How Jenn got started in the world of short-term rentals

[07:31] Jenn’s experience while working for British Vogue

[09:51] Google tools and strategies for boosting direct bookings

[14:53] How to overcome blogging challenges and leverage its potential to boost direct bookings

[17:04] The importance of keyword research in blogging

[19:42] How often should you blog?

[21:21] How collaborations can help drive traffic to a short-term rental owner/host website

[24:41] Guidelines for vetting influencers and key factors to watch out for when engaging with them

[28:24] How to get media coverage and its potential impact on driving traffic to your website

[31:40] How to effectively conduct giveaways and ensure they are manageable

[33:41] The difference between leveraging other people and leveraging an influencer

[37:55] The Lightning Round

[43:28] The upcoming STR Virtual Summit For Women 2024:

[44:26] How to connect and learn more from Jenn Boyles

Golden Nuggets


  • Marketing is a slow burn; it involves building your brand, attracting people to discover and love your content, and ultimately leading them to make a booking.

  • A blog is essential because it serves as a means to provide guests with information to assist them in planning their holiday. Additionally, it functions as an SEO strategy.

  • For effective conversion of traffic into bookings, your website must be exceptional, and it should provide the trust necessary for guests to book directly.

  • Take daily imperfect action.

Resources Mentioned


  1. 10 Ways to Drive Guests to Your Website Instead of Airbnb:



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