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Stacey St. John

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January 02, 2024

#61: From Cabin to Concierge: Amy Shaver’s Transformational Journey

Get ready to cozy up for a story so heartwarming, it’ll make your inner wanderlust do a backflip! Today, we’re hitching a ride with the phenomenal Amy Shaver, queen of snug cabins and all things Airbnb. From weathering life’s storms in her Tennessee haven to launching her empire, A Happy Host Rental Concierge, Amy’s tale is as inspiring as a sunrise over those Smoky Mountain peaks.

Prepare to dive into the highs and lows that shaped Amy’s journey, where her one-bedroom cabin became her fortress against tough times. We’ll peek behind the curtain of her concierge business because, let’s face it, hosting ain’t always sunshine and rainbows (though those Smokies sure come close!). Amy’s got the inside scoop on handling those “Uh oh, guest expectations met a detour!” moments with charm and grace.

Whether you’re an Airbnb master or a nervous newbie, this episode is your golden ticket to inspiration. Amy’s infectious energy and resilience will have you ready to transform your own Airbnb into a haven of happy guests and sweet success. So grab your favorite brew, hit play, and let Amy’s journey ignite your creative spark. Who knows, maybe your next chapter starts with a cozy cabin and a whole lot of heart!

Highlights and Key Points:


[02:43] Meet our guest, Amy Shaver

[03:26] How Amy got into the short-term rental space

[05:17] Her reflections on owning her first short-term rental cabin in the Smokies

[12:19] Uncovering the transition from idea to launching a leading concierge service company: A Happy Host Rental Concierge

[20:08] How did Amy convince her husband to co-found A Happy Host Rental Concierge?

[23:31] The services they offer in the company

[33:44] How she determined the pricing for their services

Golden Nuggets

  •  In the corporate world, you are replaceable. However, transitioning out of the corporate environment and working for yourself brings numerous benefits.
  • “You’ve got to delegate to elevate.” ~Stacey St. John
  • Not every client is the right fit for you. It’s essential to vet the individuals you work with and to carefully consider whether you’ll find fulfillment while working with them.



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