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Ditch Cleaning Drama, Embrace Airbnb Superhost Status and image of Assaf Karmon
JANUARY 09, 2024

#62: Ditch Cleaning Drama, Embrace Airbnb Superhost Status

with Assaf Karmon

Tired of the post-guest cleaning purgatory? You’re not alone, Airbnb fam! But listen up, there’s a game-changer hiding in plain sight. Forget backaches and crossed fingers, say hello to Turno, your short-term rental cleaning savior!

Join us in The STR Sisterhood’s latest podcast episode where we crack the code on why DIY Airbnb cleaning is a recipe for disaster (it’s more than just sore muscles, trust us!).

Assaf Karmon, Turno’s co-founder, spills the tea on:

  • Why outsourcing your cleaning is the ultimate power move (hello, free time and happy guests!)
  • Turno’s magic matchmaking: Get connected with local, vetted cleaners who rock the sparkle socks. No more sketchy reviews or crossed fingers!
  • The “never miss a beat” redundancy feature: Even if your cleaner’s cat swallows a key (don’t ask!), Turno’s got your back, ensuring seamless guest check-ins.
  • From dream to reality: Hear Turno’s inspiring journey from a crazy idea to empowering thousands of Airbnb hosts.

Ready to ditch the mop and embrace cleaning bliss? Assaf walks you through the easy-peasy signup process so you can wave goodbye to cleaning woes and hello to happy guests (and a much happier you!).

Ditch the bucket, grab your headphones! Tune in to The STR Sisterhood and unlock the door to cleaning freedom with Turno.

P.S. Don’t miss out on the exclusive $150 Turno bonus just for you! It’s like finding a $20 bill under a perfectly-fluffed guest towel. Go get it!

Highlights and Key Points:


[04:47] A quick bio of our guest, Assaf Karmon

[07:17] What inspired Assaf to collaborate with Tim Roy in co-founding TurnoverBnB (the first version of Turno)?

[08:14] How long did it take to develop TurnoverBnB?

[09:32] The growth of Turno and its current number of users

[11:10] What insights has Assaf gained about leadership?

[12:32] Why cleaning your short-term rental by yourself is the worst thing you could ever do

[16:03] How can STR owners/hosts leverage Turno to find professional cleaners who care, and how can they be assured that those cleaners will do the job correctly?

[20:07] Why having peace of mind is essential in the STR business

[21:39] Why redundancy is a good thing in the short-term rental world

[23:22] How to sign up as a new host on Turno

[25:27] What’s upcoming from the Turno team?

[26:31] The Lightning Round

[38:18] Assaf’s special offer to The STR Sisterhood podcast listeners:

Golden Nuggets


  • “If you have a vision and you are passionate about pursuing it, people will follow you.” 
  • You have to delegate to elevate.
  • Utilizing Turno to find cleaners not only saves you valuable time but also ensures that you receive services from well-trained professionals who have been vetted by others.
  • Failing to plan is planning to fail.
  • “Persistence is the key to success.”
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