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Stacey St. John

January 16, 2024

#63: Steal the Spotlight: 5-Star Hotel Secrets to Supercharge Your Short-Term Rental Brand with Katie Cline

Forget tiptoeing around the short-term rental world – it’s time to make some waves! Toss out the generic, grab your branding lasso, and saddle up for a wild ride with industry insider Katie Cline. In this episode, she’s your fearless guide to branding, the secret sauce that’ll turn your Airbnb into a guest magnet.

But hold onto your Stetsons, pardners, because this ain’t just about slapping on a logo. Katie’s got the magic beans spilled wide open, revealing the power of emotional alchemy – branding that’s your secret weapon for building loyalty, fueling repeat bookings, and making your Airbnb the gravitational force of the neighborhood. Even if you’ve got just one cozy cabin tucked away, Katie shows you how to weave a spellbinding story and craft a message that’ll make hearts sing.

See, luxury hotel magic runs through Katie’s veins, and she shares the inside scoop on how she turned her secluded retreat, Trout Landing, into the talk of the town. Want to unleash your inner branding guru? Well, giddy-up and hit that “play” button! You’re about to dive into a treasure chest of secrets that’ll have your Airbnb shining brighter than a gold prospector’s pan.

Highlights and Key Points:


[02:47] A short bio of our guest Katie Cline

[03:48] What prompted Katie to enter the world of short-term rentals?

[08:44] The significance of a good brand in the success of short-term rentals

[12:28] How people with one property can create a brand that elicits a visceral reaction

[13:50] How Katie and her husband came up with the name for their property

[18:45] What can STR owners borrow from the hotel industry?

[23:52] Ways to make your short-term rental stand out

[29:29] The importance of culture in the hotel world and how it manifests in day-to-day hotel operations

[34:29] What are the most surprising aspects Katie has encountered in the STR industry?

[37:43] How to select the right influencers for your property

[40:05] The upcoming STR Virtual Summit For Women 2024:

[41:26] The Lightning Round

Golden Nuggets


  • Many individuals venture into the world of short-term rentals with a real estate perspective, placing the asset at the center of their strategy rather than prioritizing the guest experience.

  • “A good brand should give you a visceral reaction.”

  • “Everything is figure-out-able.”

Resources Mentioned


Unreasonable Hospitality:



Follow Katie Cline on:





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