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Stacey St. John

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JANUARY 30, 2024

#65: Mindset Shift, Money Made: Cathy Griffin’s Journey from Employee to STR Bosslady

Dreaming of breaking free from your day job and embracing the freedom of being your own boss? Join us as we delve into the captivating story of Cathy Griffin, a former cubicle dweller turned Airbnb Superhost in downtown Pensacola. Prepare to be inspired as Cathy unveils her journey to becoming a vacation rental queen, from rewiring her mindset to constructing a flourishing short-term rental empire that boasts year-round bookings.

Discover invaluable insider tips, untold marketing secrets, and a generous serving of motivational encouragement—all geared toward empowering you to pursue your own vacation rental aspirations. Don’t let this episode slip by if you’re ready to transform your dreams of hosting into a tangible and rewarding reality.

Highlights and Key Points:


[02:48] Who is Cathy Griffin, and where is she located?

[03:55] How she got started in the short-term rental world

[05:21] How Cathy shifted her mindset from being an employee to becoming her own employer

[09:48] Recommended reading to help you change your mindset

[19:20] What she has learned on her journey of operating a fully-fledged STR business

[21:14] The strategies she utilizes to keep her booking calendar full

[23:49] Her preferred methods for direct marketing during the off-season

[27:29] How often does she engage with individuals on her email list, and what content does she share with them?

[29:16] Cathy’s favorite email marketing software

[32:02] Where does she currently live?

[35:11] What Cathy has learned about herself since she transitioned from being a W-2 employee

[37:11] The Lightning Round

[41:17] Follow and connect with Cathy Griffin

Golden Nuggets


  • You are what you think about.

  • “When you learn how to train your brain for success, you can achieve anything you want.” ~Stacey St. John

  • “You can craft the future you desire.”

  • “The most direct marketing is local networking.”

Resources Mentioned


  1. Think and Grow Rich:
  2. The Magic:
  3. Innercise:



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