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FEBRUARY 27, 2024

#69: From Nurse to STR Queen: Building Your Short-Term Rental Dream

This episode dives deep into the inspiring tale of Annette Fourbes, a former nurse who traded the pressures of the medical field for the exciting world of short-term rentals (also known as Airbnbs).

Join us as Annette navigates the uncharted waters of rental arbitrage, sharing her triumphs and challenges while securing her first property remotely. Witness Annette’s transformation from dedicated healthcare professional to savvy property owner, as she unveils invaluable insights on choosing the ideal location and bringing her dream beach house to life.

But this episode goes beyond brick and mortar. Annette unveils the importance of setting healthy boundaries and prioritizing self-care as a short-term rental entrepreneur. Whether you’re juggling a demanding schedule or facing setbacks, Annette’s wisdom resonates with anyone seeking balance and achieving personal fulfillment while pursuing their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable inspiration and practical advice from Annette’s journey. Prepare to be captivated, empowered, and ignited to embark on your own path to success in the short-term rental landscape!

Highlights and Key Points:


[02:51] A short biography of our guest Annette Fourbes

[03:38] Annette’s transition from nursing career to new opportunities

[05:28] Her journey of short-term rental discovery and self-education

[06:24] Annette’s first property and the art of Rental Arbitrage

[14:59] Annette’s venture into property ownership and journey to business expansion

[19:21] The quest for the perfect realtor for her short-term rental investment

[23:31] Her unexpected journey from STR ownership to STR co-hosting

[30:27] Annette’s effective way of streamlining task management and boosting her productivity

[34:46] The lightning round

Golden Nuggets


  • “Focus on one operational model first and nail that before you start expanding into additional operational models.”

  • “I am in control of my own destiny, and that is what I live for day by day.”

  • “Every loss was a lesson, so as long as it was a lesson, then it truly was not a loss.”

  • “If we’re learning from mistakes, those mistakes become fabulous opportunities in our businesses for us to grow and evolve and improve what we do.”

  • “It doesn’t have to be perfect. This has to be done.”

  • “It’s so incredibly powerful to be able to take a look in the mirror and say, if I work on me, I am going to make leaps and bounds – movement in my business.”

Resources Mentioned


Motion –



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Instagram – Nurse Net AED





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