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MARCH 25, 2024

#73 Challenges, Growth, & Triumphs: Learn from Marketing Whizz Carla Chicharro

Dive into the deep waters of marketing prowess as we spotlight the remarkable journey of Carla Chicharro, the genius behind Lodgify’s marketing strategies. From the trenches of initial struggles to the mountaintops of success, Carla’s story is one of resilience and adaptability that promises to inspire.

Ever found yourself drowning in a sea of tasks and challenges? Carla knows the feeling all too well. But instead of succumbing to the pressure, she thrived, turning obstacles into stepping stones toward greatness.

In our latest episode, Carla candidly shares the pivotal moments that propelled her career forward. From overcoming early hurdles to leading a highly productive team, she offers invaluable insights into navigating the unpredictable waters of professional growth.

Don’t miss out on this enlightening journey packed with actionable strategies to unlock your true potential. Tune in now and embark on your own path to success alongside Carla Chicharro!

Highlights and Key Points:


[02:15] Getting to know our guest Carla Chicharro, the head of Marketing at Lodgify

[05:09] A short history of Carla’s professional journey

[08:35] Carla’s content creation strategies and the challenges she faced

[14:31] Carla’s shift from overwhelm to embracing challenges for success

[19:42] How Carla progressed from aspiring team leader to managing a growing team

[22:23] Why implementing feedback sessions are crucial for continuous improvement

[27:48] How Carla empowers her team to be creating and innovative

[30:18] The power of regular brainstorming sessions and casual meetings

[35:49] Carla shares about her comedy podcast and foodie Instagram

[38:05] Carla’s tips on hiring the right person to fit your team

[41:04] The lightning round

Golden Nuggets


  • “Because we were so focused on getting things done, we forgot about the part that we’re all humans here.”

  • “I think it is so incredibly important to not only stay focused on, as you mentioned, doing great work, but also making sure that we keep our people first.”

  • “Be sure you have dedicated time to not only share feedback with that team member about what’s going well, and maybe what some opportunities might be for improvement, but ask those same questions, receive that feedback, because that helps us all become stronger entrepreneurs and leaders at the same time.”

  • “It’s really important that we have a vision, obviously, for what we want for our futures.”

  • “Trust your gut, and believe in yourself. Those two things are very important.”

  • “We cannot measure our success by someone else’s ruler…someone may have different goals and dreams than you have.”



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