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APRIL 16, 2024

#76: From 1 to 350: Unveiling the Secrets of a Successful Airbnb Empire with Rebecca Cribbin

Have you ever dreamed of building a thriving short-term rental empire? Buckle up, because Rebecca Cribbin, a total rockstar in the Airbnb world, is about to share her magic formula!

Get ready to be inspired by Rebecca’s journey, where she transformed a single property into a jaw-dropping portfolio of 350 rentals! She’ll spill the tea on how she conquered challenges, strategically scaled her Airbnb empire, and built rock-solid relationships with real estate agents.

In this episode, you’ll discover the power of streamlined systems that can fuel explosive growth for your short-term rentals. Plus, Rebecca will share actionable tips you can use to take your own Airbnb business to the next level.

But wait, there’s more! This isn’t just about business. Rebecca will also share her wisdom on achieving a healthy work-life balance, even when your Airbnb empire is booming. You’ll even hear about her incredible philanthropic work that empowers women and children in South Africa. Talk about making a positive impact!

This is your golden opportunity to gain invaluable insights and fuel your own Airbnb dreams. Don’t miss out – tune in and get ready to take your short-term rental journey to stratospheric heights!

Highlights and Key Points:


[02:35] A short introduction about our guest Rebecca Cribbin

[05:19] How Rebecca started in the world of short-term rentals

[07:08] The challenges Rebecca faced and her strategies in maintaining cleanliness and conducting property inspections

[12:14] Rebecca talks about the importance of having contingency plans and the strategic approach to scaling the business

[18:01 How Rebecca achieved her significant growth in managing 350 properties

[21:38] Why building strong relationships with real estate agents is important in business growth

[31:48] The importance of focusing on process improvement in business

[36:34] The challenges and strategies of documenting and optimizing business processes for continuous improvement

[42:15] How a Boss Lady balances her demanding business endeavors with her personal life

[47:21] Rebecca shares about her charity work in South Africa helping women and children in need

[57:03] The lightning round

Golden Nuggets


  • “I stepped away from what I wasn’t good at, and recruited people to do it for me who are good at it.”

  • “When you focus your efforts and your energy on the process, the results will come.”

  • “I am proof that as a woman, we can do it all and have it all and survive it.”

  • “Practice, practice, practice. – the better campaign of 2024 is about, you know, learning from what we’ve done and keep on practicing.”



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