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APRIL 23, 2024

#77: Cracking the Code to Creative Financing with Zeona McIntyre

Hey there! Meet Zeona McIntyre – the ultimate real estate maven! She’s not just your regular investor but a relentless innovator who’s turned challenges into thrilling opportunities. 

Zeona’s journey started with Airbnb rental arbitrage, a hot trend in the market. With her sharp eye for gems in the rough, she started leasing and subletting properties on platforms like Airbnb. But as time changed, so did she. Recognizing the need to shift gears, she smoothly transitioned into property ownership. 

What makes Zeona extraordinary is her knack for blending her profound real estate wisdom with edgy financing tactics. She’s a pro at using creative financing to kick open doors that seem tightly shut. From seller financing to lease options, Zeona’s got a bag full of unconventional methods that let her grab opportunities others often miss. 

Keen on walking in Zeona’s shoes? She’s got some golden nuggets to share! Her expertise can help you ace seller conversations and use creative financing to hit your investment goals. Whether you’re an investor or a real estate agent, Zeona’s insights can help you navigate through the twisty turns of the real estate world

Highlights and Key Points:


[02:26] A short introduction about our guest Zeona McIntyre

[03:14] The importance of embracing change and evolution as business owners and the value of making pivots or iterations in business

[03:53] Overcoming fear and discomfort in pursuit of growth and taking risks in business

[07:10] Zeona’s journey into the world of Airbnb and short-term rentals

[09:05] How Zeona started out with Airbnb arbitrage to to eventually transitioning into buying properties

[11:56] Blending real estate expertise from short-term rentals to creative financing

[13:43] Discovering real estate opportunities through creative financing

[14:59] How to have conversations with sellers and leverage opportunities in creative real estate financing

[23:25] The advantage of having expertise in short-term and mid-term rentals and creative financing as a real estate agent

[27:06] Zeona’s future plans in real estate investing, creative financing and book writing

[33:01] The lightning round

Golden Nuggets


  • “I think there’s this sort of misconception that when you are getting into rental properties, or real estate, it’s passive, most of it’s not reality. And short term rentals, especially, are kind of that most active rental that you can have.”

  • “Being a constant learner is definitely something that plays to your advantage over time.”

  • “​​Failures are only a snapshot of where you stop.”



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