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May 07, 2024

#79: Discover Brandi Jones’ Secrets of Rental Arbitrage: An Airbnb Success Story

Meet Brandi Jones, the dynamo of the Airbnb universe, masterfully managing a whopping 116 rental units. Her journey is a testament to grit, ingenuity, and unique tactics like rental arbitrage. She zeroes in on in-demand properties and propels her Airbnb and mid-term rental venture sky-high.

But the true measure of Brandi’s success? Her unyielding devotion to stellar customer service. With an in-depth grasp of the market, she crafts extraordinary experiences that nurture enduring client relationships and drive sustainable growth.

Brandi spills the beans on priceless insights and practical strategies that will redefine your Airbnb and mid-term rental game. Whether it’s rental arbitrage or fostering a customer-first mindset, her knowledge will arm you with the confidence to tackle this ever-changing industry.

Come, join us as we delve into Brandi’s enthralling journey, unveiling the secrets to her victory in the corporate housing world. Gear up to be inspired, spurred on, and equipped with the wisdom to carve your own path towards Airbnb and mid-term rental triumph.

Highlights and Key Points:


[02:28] A short introduction about our guest Brandi Jones

[02:50] When and what Brandi got started in the world of property rentals

[03:48] How Brandi acquired all her properties

[04:31] Brandi’s methodical approach to entering the corporate housing market with limited resources

[06:31] Her mindset and approach to her initial conversation with a landlord when starting out in corporate housing

[08:57] Brandi’s strategic approach to choosing the location and furnishing within a limited budget

[10:00] Brandi’s rapid scaling journey from 1 to 116 corporate housing units

[14:45] Strategies for managing units within a building and the significance of location proximity

[18:56] The challenges that Brandi faces in her corporate housing business

[24:35] Her insights into competition and saturation in corporate housing

[28:20] Brandi discusses her multi-faceted approach to marketing her properties

[30:59] The significance of investing in and valuing the cleaning team

[33:29] Brandi’s transition into mentoring others to start their own arbitrage businesses

[35:40] The lightning round

Golden Nuggets


  • “When you have the opportunity to help others make an impact in their lives, it is like the most amazing feeling.”

  • “It’s not hard, but 10x is easier than 2x.”

  • “Just keep living.”



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