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MAY 14, 2024

#80: From Cancer Research to Short-Term Rental Success: Becky Nova’s Journey

Have you heard of Becky Nova? Buckle up, because hers is an Airbnb success story that will warm your heart and fire you up! Becky’s journey started in a whole different world – cancer research. But a twist of fate led her to trade microscopes for mortgage applications, and in 2018, she bravely took the plunge into the world of real estate with a New York duplex.

Becky’s no stranger to challenges. From moving across the Atlantic to Europe, to even starting over after a setback, she’s faced it all. But through it all, her determination never wavered. Forget the naysayers – Becky went in with a plan. She puts a lot of thought and careful planning into her Airbnb listings, and it shows! With clear goals, a healthy dose of self-reflection, and the smarts to take calculated risks, Becky’s built a thriving short-term rental portfolio that’s the envy of many.

And guess what? Becky’s success isn’t limited to just one city! She’s a strategic investor, using the income from her New York rentals to springboard into properties around the world. This brilliant move allows her to offer long-term housing options while building a global network of income-generating Airbnb gems.

But Becky’s story goes way beyond bricks and mortar. She’ll tell you that real estate investing is about so much more than just properties. It’s about personal growth, building confidence, surrounding yourself with supportive people, and knowing how to delegate like a boss.

So, if you’re looking for a story that will inspire you with its message of resilience, determination, and the amazing possibilities of Airbnb short-term rentals, Becky’s story is one that will stay with you. Listen now!

Highlights and Key Points:


[02:25] A short introduction about our guest Becky Nova

[05:01] How Becky was exposed to real estate investing

[06:52] Becky shares how she learned and refined her skills in real estate investing

[08:44] Becky’s real estate portfolio and her properties in New York

[10:30] Her journey on investing in Dominican Republic that was guided by a goal and purpose

[12:00] The importance of self-reflection and understanding one’s goals to make meaningful changes in life

[21:10] The transformative power of surrounding oneself with a supportive community

[23:46] Becky shares her journey of facing setbacks and failures that led to opportunities for growth and self-discovery

[24:00] Becky’s  favorite ways or patterns of behavior that she sees as confidence builders

[25:39] Becky’s reflection on her real estate investing journey

[27:37] The importance of introducing younger generations to the opportunities and benefits of real estate investing

[30:56] Becky’s plan on expanding her real estate portfolio and to further involve her husband

[32:32] The lightning round

Golden Nuggets


  • “Real estate investing has so many proven methods, that it is just plugging into what other people have already done. And just kind of doing that on repeat.”

  • “I’ve always been a person that tries to find ways to push boundaries or to live a little bit differently.”

  • “Don’t let someone else dictate what your dreams are.”

  • “There’s so many different ways that you can do the right thing for you, not just be chasing somebody else’s dreams.”

  • “Why aren’t we celebrating our failures? Because that’s how we learn.



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