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MAY 21, 2024

#81: Become a ‘BNB Brand-Building Boss Lady with Janice Pollard

Feeling a little lost in the sea of amazing Airbnbs? Wish your short-term rental had that “wow” factor that gets guests booking like crazy? Well, this episode is your golden ticket to branding brilliance!

Get ready to chat with marketing wiz Janice Pollard, who’s here to spill the beans on crafting an Airbnb brand that’ll have your ideal guests falling head-over-heels for your place. Imagine a catchy logo that perfectly captures your unique vibe, paired with colors that set the mood for an unforgettable stay.

But branding goes way deeper than a pretty logo. Janice will show you how to weave a captivating story through your listing description and promotions, creating an immersive experience that makes guests feel like they’ve stumbled upon something truly special.

Because let’s face it, a strong brand is the secret sauce to keeping guests raving and coming back for more. Janice will share her golden nuggets of wisdom on maintaining brand consistency across all platforms, ensuring a seamless journey for your guests from first click to checkout.

Ready to take your bookings to the next level? This episode is packed with powerful Airbnb branding strategies that’ll help you attract your dream guests and turn your rental into a revenue-generating machine. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your listing and create a brand that becomes the shining star of your  Airbnb market!

Highlights and Key Points:


[02:47] A short introduction about our guest Janice Pollard

[05:26] Understanding the purpose and the components of an effective of a logo

[11:11] The importance of of simplicity and psychology of colors in logo design

[13:28] Tips about tools and selecting color schemes for branding short-term rentals

[16:06] Janice shares her advice about choosing color schemes in creating a logo

[23:02] Choosing colors to align aesthetics with guest experience

[25:28] Effective implementation of a strategy-first approach to branding to enhance guest experience

[30:08] The importance of maintaining brand consistency and communications

[31:47] Creating a memorable brand experience and integrating brand standards in short-term rentals

[36:28] The impact of promotional items with logos in short-term rental properties

[38:21] The lightning round

Golden Nuggets


  • “A lot of people think a logo is going to create brand awareness. And really, a logo’s sole purpose on earth is to identify your brand. That’s all it does.”

  • “Colors that are opposite on the color wheel drive excitement and motion.”

  • “Make a clear request, make a clear and simple request and ask for what you want. Because people can’t read your mind.”



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