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Dec 6, 2022

#5: Creating A Luxury Space: Insider Tips from Professional Designer, Valerie Malone

Luxury is a word that has been used to describe everything from designer shoes to a five-star hotel. But what does it really mean?

In this episode, I sit down with my good friend, co-host of “Better Your BNB,” and professional short-term rental designer, Valerie Malone. We discuss what it really means to have a “luxury” short-term rental. 

Then, Valerie walks us through how to create luxurious space in each room of the house. And here’s some good news for you — luxury doesn’t have to be expensive!

Highlights and Key Points:


[00:01:47] Introduction to today’s guest, Valerie Malone, and what she does

[00:02:32] What Valerie terms as a luxury short-term rental

[00:04:53] Why someone might want to think about incorporating luxury touches in their short-term rentals

[00:08:26] Does luxury have to be expensive?

[00:10:45] What are some ways that folks can add a luxury touch to a bedroom?

[00:14:28] How do we add luxury touches to a kitchen?

[00:15:40] How might someone add luxury touches to a living room?

[00:18:02] If someone is just walking into a property, how can we make that feel like a luxury experience?

[00:20:43] How to add luxury touches to the outdoor spaces

Golden Nuggets


  •     Luxury is about really tailoring the experience of your place for the guests that you want to host.
  •     Luxury is going to differentiate you. This market is increasingly crowded, and we’re not here to be basic; we’re here to be a step above. So, if you want to be very strategic with how you become a step above and how you do it cost-effectively, differentiate yourself from the guys out there who are just throwing up the properties and walking away.

  •     When you add these additional touches, what it’s going to do is it’s going to attract a better-quality clientele. And when you have a better-quality clientele, you have a better rental business, an even easier rental business, and higher-end referrals. You have a business that has fewer problems.

  •     Providing luxury is providing joy for people, and it’s going to improve their experience; it makes your job more fun as a host.



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