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How to Be Successful in The Co-Hosting Business with Chelsey Jones and an image of Chelsey Jones

APRIL 04, 2023

#22: How to Be Successful in The Co-Hosting Business with Chelsey Jones

Can I Iet you in on a little secret?

You don’t have to own an Airbnb to make money in the short-term rental industry!

In this episode, I sit down with Chelsey Jones. Chelsey was a realtor and Airbnb Superhost who had the idea to start her own company that could help other people invest in properties through co-hosting. 

She founded CC’s Retreats, which is a co-hosting company that offers investors an opportunity to earn extra income while making their home available as a vacation rental.

As you’ll hear in the podcast, CC’s Retreats has been able to support hundreds of guests in the properties it supports. You’ll also learn about how Chelsey got started, what her model is all about, what challenges she faced along the way – and more!

Highlights and Key Points:


[03:02] Who is Chelsey Jones? Her portfolio and where she is located

[04:25] How she got into the STR business

[06:39] How Chelsey selects the markets she invests in

[12:49] What prompted Chelsey to start managing properties for other STR owners?

[15:05] Chelsey’s co-hosting model

[18:20] What Chelsey discovered she needed to have in place to be successful in the co-hosting business

[20:33] Chelsey’s typical day as a co-host; How she structures her time and activities

[26:34] What has been her biggest challenge in the co-hosting journey, and how did

she navigate it?

Notable Quotes


“Any investment is potentially a risk.”

“There’s room at the table for everyone.”

“When co-hosting, it’s important to have a contract to protect yourself, your owner, and the guest.”

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”



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