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FEBRUARY 7, 2023

# 14: How to Handle Guest Complaints the Right Way with Natalie Palmer

As a short-term rental host, handling guest complaints can be a challenge. But it’s crucial to know how to handle them effectively to maintain a positive experience for both you and your guests

Many hosts believe that refunding is the best way to respond to guest complaints to avoid negative reviews. However, refunding money doesn’t always make the guest happy. Instead, it’s better to take action and solve the problem to ensure the guest has the best experience possible during their stay.

That’s why I invited Natalie Palmer, an Airbnb Superhost, Ambassador, and STR manager, to share her expertise on how to handle guest complaints. She manages to run her business while raising two kids and has found effective ways to handle guest issues.

In this episode, Natalie shares her philosophy on why refunding is not always the best way to respond to guest complaints. She provides practical tips on how to deal with upset guests, how to take appropriate action to resolve the issue, and how to maintain a positive guest experience. 

With Natalie’s insights, you can learn how to handle guest complaints more effectively and create a positive reputation for yourself as a short-term rental host on Airbnb.

Highlights and Key Points:

[02:46] Know our guest; Natalie Palmer, and where she is located

[03:09] How she got into Airbnb hosting

[05:33] How Natalie manages to run her business while raising her 2 kids

[10:00] The best approach to handle guest complaints without losing your cool

[12:14] Should you refund a guest to avoid a bad review?

[16:12] Tip on how to deal with upset guests

[21:57] Natalie’s worst guest story

[26:20] How Natalie navigates stressful situations in the hosting business


Golden Nuggets


  •     “If you are hosting for the right reasons and you really value guest experience and letting your guest create memories, those few bad apples are not gonna spoil the rest for you.”
  •     “Whatever you need to get outta people to reach your next level. Those people will come into your life, but you have to put yourself out there.”



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