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Nov 29, 2022

# 4: Life Before Becoming a Million Dollar Host: The Inside Scoop with Julie George

The short-term rental industry is growing, and Julie George is its queen. Yet, things weren’t always so rosy for her, and in this episode, Julie gives us the inside scoop as to what life was like before her short-term rental fame and fortune. She also walks us through the growing pains she experienced early-on and how she navigated those challenges. Plus, we’ll hear what’s next for Julie, too!

Julie is a best-selling author, coach, and speaker in the short-term rental industry with a story that has inspired us all. She started out as an Airbnb host who wanted to make extra money on the side while living in Florida… but it wasn’t long before she realized that this could be something much more than just a side hustle—it could be her full-time gig!

And what’s even more incredible is that Julie wasn’t always sure she’d survive this journey. In fact, stress impacted her mentally and physically in ways that were hard to ignore… but Julie never gave up! Instead, she found ways to manage stress better so that she could keep moving forward with confidence (and success!).

Highlights and Key Points:


[00:02:53] Julie’s story and how she got started in short-term rentals

[00:10:44] What it looked like growing Julie’s business

[00:15:44] Julie’s biggest challenge when she was scaling her property management business

[00:17:55] Finding team members and the types of folks that Julie found to be the most successful ones on her tea

Golden Nuggets


  •     If you are listening in now and you feel like you’re on edge, and that stress is taking hold of your life, just know that there is a solution out there in short-term rentals.
  •     You’ve just got to keep resetting your goals, but that’s one of the hardest things for entrepreneurs because they almost limit themselves.
  •     Folks out there, anything is possible; it’s just you that might be holding yourself back.
  •     You dream big, and suddenly, anything is possible; you’ve just got to start with that dream and then work backward.
  •     What makes believing in yourself hard is when you have naysayers in your life or people that maybe want to knock you down or give you a hard time or question what you’re doing; if you let that get to you, then game over because you gotta keep believing that you have got the guts and the grit to get through and determination to achieve these dreams.
  •     You’ve got to be around people that lift you and give you energy. If you are around people who drain or doubt you, you’ve got to let them go.



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