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Stacey St. John

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MARCH 07, 2023

#18: Should You Self-Manage Your Properties or Hire a Property Manager? With Tracie Fowler

Ever dreamed of making extra income while traveling the world? I can’t wait for you to meet Tracie Fowler in this episode!

Tracie is a woman on a mission. Her love for traveling and interacting with the locals of the places she visited led her to stay for extended periods in many short-term rentals in different places.

In 2015 while traveling to Thailand, Tracie met someone on a flight who had bought a beach house in Thailand, quit her W2 job, and was financing her living expenses through her short-term rental business. The idea inspired Tracie to own rental properties in the places she visited where she would stay part-time and also allow her to make extra income.

During our interview with Tracie, we talk about her best hosting memories, details about her signature “pillow menu,” and also discussed amenities she includes in her properties. Additionally, Tracie talks about hiring a property manager vs self-managing property and shares how her life has changed because of her STR business.


Highlights and Key Points:


[02:20] Who is Tracie Fowler? What she does and where is she located

[04:34] What inspired Tracie to venture into STR business

[07:58] Tracie’s best hosting memory

[11:14] The ‘pillow’ menu

[13:25] How she came up with the pillow menu idea

[15:23] The amenities she includes in her properties that the guests appreciate

[18:34] Should you self-manage or hire a property manager?

[20:42] Tracie’s podcast with her property manager; The STR Insiders Podcast

[22:59] How her life has changed because of the STR business

[27:51] The STR Central media; A central hub for all things short-term rental related.

 Investing, setting up, and managing STRs



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