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Jan 3, 2023

#9: Wedding & Event Friendly Short-Term Rentals with Helen Christopher

In the U.S., weddings are a $70.3 billion industry and short-term rentals are a $102 billion industry* – just think of all the opportunities when you combine the two! 

And according to Mashvisor, “The newest and most lucrative types of Airbnb rentals are marketed for weddings and events.”

That’s why I was so excited to chat with Helen Christopher… 

She and her husband bought a camp for girls and turned it into a short-term rental business that hosts weddings, birthday parties, and more. 

In this interview, she shares what inspired her to venture into the short-term rental business, how she transitioned from being a teacher to a short-term rental business owner, and much more!




Highlights and Key Points:


[03:25] Know our guest; Helen Christopher, and know where she’s located

[06:10] What inspired Helen to venture into the short-term rental business?

[08:33] Transitioning from being a teacher to a short-term rental business owner

[11:11] Did she have any background experience when she started the STR business?

[13:07] How she navigates self-doubt

[17:36] How Helen’s property setup enabled her to get into the wedding market and the tip she uses to get wedding clients & guests

[20:27] What she personally does and what she outsources when hosting weddings

[22:46] Challenges she experiences from the foraging behavior of the squirrel named ‘Fred’

[24:55] How she creates personal time away from the short-term rental business

[26:13] Helen’s advice to people thinking of transitioning away from their 9-5 job into the short-term rental business

Golden Nuggets


“The feeling of uncomfortableness can be very scary, but when you learn to be ok with that and to embrace it and really learn to lean into your vision, amazing things happen.” 



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